I´m Johannes, I´m 23, I live in Denmark.
Im uncomfortable in my own skin and Im afraid its beginning to show.

One of my best friends is moving to London tomorrow and I just really realized it now. It fucking sucks. Hes moving out of his parents big ass house, which is cool, the rest of the family are going to London too, and my friend is moving in with his girlfriend and im happy for them and all that.
But im also scared, yo. Ive spent so much time being a dick with moodswings who never goes to any social events that I feel I have alienated myself, kinda, from most of my friends. I dont drink or do any of those “going out” things like smoking and all that anymore.
its so much easier with the distance and the internet and just texting with people and all that while I lie in bed with no pants on. I should be my own boss and push myself but all I do is complaint and stare at the wallpaper. 
Despite that, I have the loveliest girlfriend I could ever wish for and a job that pays alright.
Im gonna be fine.
But nobody likes change and it always feels like things are moving too fast. I dont want things to be the same. I dont even know what else I really want. Really I want to focus less on myself and my whiny ass and just look forward to when my friend comes back to visit and sleeps on my couch.

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